PART NO. FTP 81       
PACKAGE: 3 sets of 2 - 64 ounce / 2 qt. bottles per case
FULL THROTTLE POWER STEERING FLUSH KIT - Flush high repair costs before they occur

Safe, powerful cleaner dissolves and suspends deposits. Flushes the entire system of oxidized power steering fluid, varnish deposits, wear metals, debris and other contaminants. Replaces old fluid with highly refined base oils, friction modifiers and select additives designed to lubricate and protect all moving parts against squeal, chatter and wear, providing continuous hydraulic actuation under the severest of temperatures and conditions. Protects against oxidation and corrosion, foaming and clogging, conditions and revitalizes seals and o-rings. Power Steering Fluid and Conditioner is formulated from a select blend of highly refined 100% virgin base oils, formulated to operate effectively in almost all power steering units and blended for compatibility with original equipment fluids. With the exception of, Silicone based fluids and  Full synthetic fluids